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Motic Cameras

Contact us at 718-961-8833 (Outside of the US: 1-800-776-1771) or Send us an E-Mail

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CameraModelSensor TypeResolutionConnect TypeShopify
Moticam 580Moticam 580CMOS5 megapixels: 800 x 600USB/HDMIMore Info!
motic_mc580int_digital_microscope_camera_sideMoticam 580 INTCMOS5 megapixels: 800 x 600USB/HDMIMore Info!
Moticam 1Moticam 1CMOS1 megapixels: 800 x 600USBMore Info!
 Contact us at 718-961-8833 or 800-776-1771 for more details.

Moticam 1SPCMOS1.3 megapixels: 1280 x 1024USBMore Info!
Moticam 2Moticam 2CMOS2.0 megapixels: 1600 x 1200USBMore Info!
Moticam 3Moticam 3CMOS3.0 megapixels: 2048 x 1536USBMore Info!
Moticam 5Moticam 5CMOS5.0 megapixels: 2592 x 1944USBMore Info!
Moticam 10Moticam 10CMOS10 megapixels: 3664 x 2748USBMore Info!
Moticam XMoticam XCMOS1.3 megapixels: 1280 x 1024Wi-FiMore Info!
x2Moticam X2CMOS1.3 megapixels: 1280 x 1024Wi-Fi/Ethernet OutMore Info!
Moticam T2Moticam T2CMOS5 megapixels: 1280 x 800USBMore Info!
moticam_pro_mc205a_1Moticam Pro 205 (series)CCD1.4 megapixels: 1360 x 1024USBMore Info!
moticam_pro_mc205a_1Moticam Pro 252 (series)CCD3.2 megapixels: 2080 x 1542USBMore Info!
moticam_pro_mc205a_1Moticam Pro 282 (series)CCD5.0 megapixels: 2580 x 1944USBMore Info!
moticam_pro_mc205a_1Moticam Pro 285 (series)CCD1.4 megapixels: 1360 x 1024USBMore Info!