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Zeiss Cameras


Contact us at 718-961-8833 (Outside of the US: 1-800-776-1771) or Send us an E-Mail

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CameraModelSensor TypeResolutionConnect TypeShopify Link
AxioCam 105 colorAxioCam 105 colorCMOS5 megapixelsUSB 3.0More Info!
AxioCam ERc 5s Rev 2AxioCam ERc 5s Rev 2CMOS5 megapixels
(1080p live resolution)
USB 2.0
HDMI out
Ethernet out
More Info!
AxioCam MRc 5AxioCam MRc 5CCD5 megapixelsFirewireMore Info!
AxioCam MRcAxioCam MRcCCD color1.4 megapixelsFirewireMore Info!
imageAxioCam IccCCD color1.4 megapixelsFirewireMore Info!
 AxioCam Hrm (available in color)CCD1.4 megapixels
(up to 13 megapixels)
FirewireMore Info!
 AxioCam 506 MonoCCD6 megapixelsUSB 3.0More Info!
AxioCam 506 ColorAxioCam 506 ColorCCD6 megapixelsUSB 3.0More Info!
ZEISS_Axiocam_503_color2AxioCam 503 colorCCD3 megapixelsUSB 3.0More Info!
ZEISS_Axiocam_503_mono2AxioCam 503 monoCCD3 megapixelsUSB 3.0More Info!
MRMAxioCam MRmCCD color1.4 megapixelsFirewireMore Info!